The owner of this page is Andrzej Rosłan (Przemysłowa 32, 23-400 Biłgoraj, Poland, TIN 918-001-05-93)

Andrzej makes mods from stainless steel. What is so special about him and his products?
First of all, he is passionate about his work and fully dedicated to it. He watches over the whole production process himself, from the very beginning (idea) till the end (distribution). He knows exactly what he wants and what he needs. What is more, he is a vapour and has got a technical education, which allows him to create interesting and functional projects. Furthermore, mods are being made from carefully chosen materials by highly qualified technologists and they are almost hand made. Of course they are first manufactured by using CNC machine, but the finishing is manual. Moreover, there is a diamond engraving made by a jeweler on them. It takes more time, but there is no hurry here – the quality of the products is more important than the quantity. That is why the end effect should fulfill both: the customers’ and the producer’s expectations. See for yourself!